WoW:Warlock Skills Changes

12 October 2010

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Players will now be rewarded with a possible chance at extra skill points for making better quality items.There are more changes in Cataclysm Beta Patch Notes (version 12857). Obviously some professional skills changes.Now let us take a look Warlock. Corrosion of the kind of pain-33% increase based on AOE damage absorb mana-Mana cost reduced from 17% base mana to 12% base mana life lessons-and now back caster damage per second, 5% life.The effect of burning souls casting time reduced by 50% from 60% down. Mana cost reduced from 17% base mana to 12% base mana Life Tap – This skill will lose 20% of the caster total blood volume, and 75% of them into mana.Corruption is raised to a range of 30 yards from the Ghost 40 yards shadow-ridden – is raised to a range of 30 yards from the soul of the exchange of 40 yards – 30 yards range is raised by the 40 yards.Demon soul burning – and now will last 20 seconds from 15 seconds up.Additionally,,you can buy wow gold on our site whenever you want to buy it.Magic aspiration – This skill regression Nemesis – the cancellation.The Hand of Gul’dan – 30 yards up from the range to 40 yards the skills re-designed to call a meteorite from the sky to pound targets, resulting from 1597.26 to 1886.4 Shadow damage, and its landing point in the range of Gul’dan produced 4 yards cursed ring, to raise the target range.If you want to Buy WoW Gold,we can help you to do it.

The devil by your crit rate of 10%, 15 sec ancient magic-now is the fifth level talent, down from the fourth floor the devil reborn – now have 2 minutes CD new talent foreboding aura – the fourth level talentThe Hand of Gul’dan hit the target when the landing point in the range of 4 yards to set all the enemies body 2 / 3 seconds, if the enemy in the Curse of Gul’dan ring after 6 seconds after the election is still in the ring, the unconscious is to be the same time. (Sentence proposed in doubt until the actual test) destroyed. Shadowflame – This ability will no longer have the fear of hell flames effect – damage increased by 33% Rain of Fire – a range of up to 35 yards, from 30 yards up. Damage increased by 33%, sacrifice – is raised to a range of 30 yards from the 40 yards Chaos Bolt – 30 yards range is raised by the kid 40 yards efficiency – now fire arrows from 2% / 4% chance to trigger the effect of squeezing the soul – back 1% / 2% of life, from 5% / 10% knock down – and now will reduce the Shadow Bolt, Incinerate, Shadowbolt.

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